Thursday, January 29, 2009

We are on snow day number 3!  It's really beautiful.  We went for beautiful snowy walks on number 1 and number 2, not sure what today will bring.  

With our usual Terrace Park aplomb, we have made each day a party.  It's what I love about living here-- it's Mayberry by day, Sigma Chi keg party by night!  

Our boys (a gang of about 6-8), gather and go on adventures (after a morning of xbox live of course--they aren't perfect).  Tuesday they had a snow ball fight and then went on the bike trail to look for hills.  Cincinnati is very hilly, however Terrace Park is quite flat.  Of course, in their 12 year old way, only one of them brought a cell phone.  One little brother lost his hat and gloves, but yet continued to play in the snow for an hour.  So the one with the cell phone was the hero of the day because after an hour they thought calling for help for him would be a good idea.  I must remember to tell the tale of these boys and the bee hive, but that's another day. 

Yesterday, Wednesday, they went to a nearby hill at a school called Stepping Stones (yes we're flat but hills are close by) to sled.  I called them at about 5 to tell them it's time to head home. They were at UDF (it's like a 7-11) having a snack.  I told them it's time to head home.  They said, but we left our sleds at Stepping Stones.  Sometimes I think they are bright, sometimes, I'm reminded they are 12.

The girls (9 years old) spend much of their time negotiating where and when they will meet.   Yesterday it took them all day to finally gather for sledding.  It was about 4:30 so after all that they got in about 1/2 an hour.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday night about 4 families have gathered for an impromptu dinner and to await the call for no school.  Last night they called for a 90 minute delay, but I guess since it's still a level 2 snow emergency we had to end up canceling school again today.  I love our impromptu gatherings, we go to pick up our child, we're invited in for a drink and the next thing you know we are gathering food or ordering pizza.  We are so lucky to have such a great, inclusive group of friends!

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