Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Blues

I woke up this morning exhausted.  I seriously considered staying in my pajamas so I could go back to sleep after the kids left for school.  I didn't go to bed terribly late, although I did make four big sandwiches for our Super Bowl party and we watched the entire game.  (I must say I may have a new talent--making big sandwiches--we had a muffaletta, an italian, a turkey club and a plain turkey.)  So it should be no surprise that Parker is tired and "sick" this morning.  

I always feel guilty letting him stay home.  If you aren't throwing up and/or have a fever, you should go about your day.  I made him get dressed but then I looked into his bloodshot eyes and acquiesced.  And here we sit.  It's a weird balance between making a not-too-sick kid go to school and letting an actually sick kid stay home.  I'll never forget when Parker was in nursery school.  He had been sick for a couple of days and had a fever.  Our pediatrician had walk in hours starting at 8:30 so off we went to the pediatrician.  Being rush hour, we couldn't get a taxi so we walked to the ped. He cried and wined the whole way there, but I made him walk.  When we saw the ped he said, "has he been complaining that his feet hurt."  I reluctantly replied, "yes."  He said, "he has blisters all over the bottoms of his feet, he has coxsackies aka hoof and mouth."    So the resulting guilt allows him to stay home without throwing up or having a fever.....

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