Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been a while

Oh yes, it's been a while. Like since March. I got nervous, all of a sudden I realized that people were actually reading my blog--and liked it. So the pressure was on. Then my dh (dear husband) read it and told me I was a little consumed with death and that it was depressing. Then every entry I wrote had an (unconscious?) death theme. So I'm back. It's like that long composed thank you note you composed in your head and never wrote. Well in fact that's what this was supposed to be. All those brilliant things I wrote (said) in my head but never said out loud. My other problem seems to be that I go on writing and non-writing jags. Like the day I write an entry, I have about three other entries and it seems most bloggers write 1 a day so I thought I should only write 1 a day and then by the next day--well it's either gone or well gone.

So like those many diaries and journals that lie in my basement, I'm picking this one back up.

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